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The Dockside Sessions (2020)

by Brad Walker

Pilgrim 08:28
Soliloquy 02:07
Innan du Gar 07:35
Spirits 15 07:18
Samurai 09:29
Mahakala 09:07
Benediction 04:11


This record is my love letter to Louisiana. I could never have imagined how special this place would become to me when I first set foot here in 2002. I’ve had experiences I never could have imagined thanks to being here, from Saturday Night Live all the way back to Snug Harbor and the Maple Leaf. The musical relationships I have been fortunate enough to develop and maintain here are a lifetime’s worth. The friendships and love I’ve discovered have sustained me through the ups and downs of the past twenty years, and I hope they will stay with me for decades to come.

Brian Seeger is the brilliant mind behind so many compelling creative projects in New Orleans and beyond. Sometimes I have to shake my head in wonder that he’s chosen to be a mentor for me as often and for as long as he has. Steve Reynolds, who drove all the way in from beautiful Creede, CO for this session (his only additional request being two stuffed chickens from Hebert’s), is one of the most brilliant minds I have ever encountered. I hope my collaborations with these two continue for a lifetime, and the same goes for Jeff Albert, whose patience is infinite and whose generosity and expertise is without parallel. Oscar, Nathan, and AJ are truly the best bandmates I could ever have asked for, and while what you hear on this record may be my vision, it was brought to life with their incredible creativity, passion, and virtuosity. The same goes for the striking contributions from Matt, Andriu, Raja, Michael, Brian, Cyrus, and Moose Jackson.

Dockside Studios is a place where visions and dreams come true. We lived and breathed the music of this project together for two days and nights, playing, talking, eating, and drinking together, listening to playback and watching the river slowly roll by. I am so grateful for Steve and Wish for all they do, and I’m thankful to add my name to the incredible list of musicians that have shared this same experience. What a gift to be able to immerse ourselves for that time, to leave our cares and concerns and troubles at home and just live in this ideal space they have created.

I don't know if this music 'sounds like' Louisiana. I do know that it is the deepest and most honest musical expression I've found yet. For that I have this place and these people to thank. I hope you enjoy this music as much as we enjoyed making it.


released October 23, 2020

Co-Produced by Brad Walker, Brian Seeger, and Steve Reynolds.

All compositions by Brad Walker unless otherwise noted.

Brad Walker (tenor, alto saxophones, electronic effects)
Brian Seeger (guitar)
Oscar Rossignoli (piano)
Nathan Lambertson (bass)
AJ Hall (drums)

Additional percussion on ‘Spirits 15’ and ‘Samurai’ by Michael Skinkus.
Additional guitar on ‘Spirits 15’ by Raja Kassis.
Additional keyboards on ‘Pilgrim’ by Andriu Yanovski.
Additional bass on ‘Innan du Gar’ and ‘Pilgrim’ by Matt Booth.
Trumpet on ‘Intro to Mahakala’ by Brian Shaw.
Trumpet on ‘Mahakala’ by Cyrus Nabipoor.
Spoken word on ‘Mahakala' by Moose Jackson.
*Intro to Mahakala based on Dmitri Shostakovich’s ‘Prelude #12’ (op. 87).
*Mahakala features a text taken from Carl Jung’s ‘Red Book’.

Recorded by Steve Reynolds and Justin Tocket at Dockside Studios, Maurice, LA, Jan 5-7, 2017. Additional material recorded in New Orleans, LA at Marigny Studios by Rick Nelson and Paul McDonald in Aug and Sept of 2016, at the University of New Orleans by Brian Seeger in June and July of 2017, and at Eric Heigle’s studios by Eric Heigle and Emily Eck in Jan of 2018.

Mixed by Steve Reynolds at Elevation Studios in Creede, CO, with additional editing by Brian Seeger at Oslo South, New Orleans, LA. Mastered by Jeff Albert.

Design by Caroline Mendez. Original artwork by Kel Mur. Photo by Rick Moore.


all rights reserved


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